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From the beginning to now

The basis of all this is the commitment we feel to the profession of leathergoods making

From a one-man business, we have evolved over the past decades into a small manufactory where we work in a familiar environment while maintaining a climate of trust with our employees.

Our values are based on the importance of precision, perseverance, unbroken commitment, quality work.
We always keep in mind in our partnerships to build mutual trust, reliability and the importance of flexibility.

The B's Design Studio founded in 1991, it is a sole proprietorship has been present in business for decades, which has served as the basis for everything. Adapting to the needs of our partners and the volume

of orders, we established the Unique Leather Works Hungary Kft in 2018.

We are satisfied

We’ve issued our first degrees, I just want to give you feedback that we’re very happy and looking forward to long-term use. So it is likely that we will place an additional order, please keep the sample :)


Have a nice day,

Réka / Méhn Tünde Esthetic Line Kft.

Rodler Réka

Let's start working together!


Lajos Rajkai

tailoring, preparation

+36 20 975 9575

I love challenges and tangible things that can be assembled.

I dropped into the leatherwork world almost 25 years ago,

and I mastered the

tailoring work.

Barbara Eva Szabo

company manager

+36 20 589 6039

... the Source, the Beginning, the Departure ...

It all started with the strong desire I felt when choosing a career, and then for a lifelong

I embarked on a creative creative journey.


Zsofia Rajkai

graphic works, web design

+36 70 610 9263

Ever since I only know my mind

I have a brush or pencil in my hand and I’ve been creating,

so I’m joining our family business with my graphic work and web design line.

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