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Because we will discuss your idea in detail,

and beyond our professional knowledge

we also offer our contact capital

to achieve the best solution.

Why choose us?

From our taste works

Let the pictures talk about what we offer you:

What can you expect?


You may be just starting to build your brand now,

so we’ve gathered the most important information before you embark on making your dreams

come true:


As soon as you contact us with your idea, you have the opportunity to meet us in the online space, because we discuss the possibilities related to the work before each assignment.


The next step is to make a prototype and selected tailoring patterns from the selected raw materials in our workshop based on your plans.


One of the most important details is branding - that’s what it’s for our solution with our embossing machine with blind embossing pressure or foil printing - so we provide the product with Your own logo.


For larger quantities, a cutting tool is made before final production, so that we can produce standards that are perfectly identical.


This operation is the most exciting, which is a process that requires many years of experience and expertise. We make the ordered models with industrial sewing machines and a lot of manual work.


DPD is our partner in the delivery, and you can also pick it up in person at a pre-arranged time in Pécs or Budapest.

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